​ ELECTRICAL                                                             HVAC
    Repairs and troubleshooting                                  AC systems repairs
    Service upgrades                                                     System maintenance
    Panel upgrades                                                         New systems installed
    Tank monitoring systems                                        AC pumps
    Chargers                                                                    Chillers & air handlers  
    Inverters                                                                     Diesel heat systems
    Solar Panels    
    Wind generators                                                   PLUMBING
    Bow and stern thrusters repairs/ installation        Repairs
    Windlass repairs/ installations                                Water tank installations
                                                                                        Water pumps
 SANITATION                                                                  Faucets and sinks
    Heads installed and rebuilt (all brands)                  Hot water heaters
    System maintenance and repairs                            Polybutal to Pex upgrades
    Holding tank installations
    Hose replacements
    Holding tank filters
    MDS's repaired, Lectra San, Electro San, Thermopure and more